Callenberg Supporting Association

The Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’s Family Foundation

The non-profit association, founded on 25th April 2001 at Callenberg Castle, has the aim to promote art, culture and monument preservation.

The means collected by member fees and donations shall only be used for the maintenance and preservation of Callenberg Castle, the exhibition of ducal art treasures as well as the improvement of the museum administration, i.e. for granting better access to the art collections and the castle itself for the public.

To become a member you must be a natural or legal person of age, at home or abroad (companies, societies, associations, corporate enterprises, and so on) who supports the aims of the foundation.

If you also want to contribute to the promotion and support of this private and honorary initiative, please become a member of the foundation and help us with a donation.

Enjoy Callenberg Castle

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