Overview Rooms


Red Salon and Rose Garden

The most elegant of the rooms in Castle Callenberg, the Red Salon has beautiful silk covered walls, fascinating historical portraits and is crowned with a magnificent crystal chandelier. Large doors connect the Red Salon directly into the Rose Garden. The Red Salon is located on the 2nd floor of Castle Callenberg. Partial elevator access; some stairs required.




Beletage Internet gross

Beletage with Balcony

The pale yellow walls, rotating art exhibits and large windows looking out from the 3rd floor of Castle Callenberg create a fresh and airy atmosphere. The Beletage is comprised of 3 main rooms: the Balcony room (with an attached balcony that overlooks the Rose Garden), the Library Room and the Bay Window Room. The Belvedere Room (discussed below) is on the same floor, the 3rd floor of Callenberg Castle. The rooms can be accessed by elevator.





Belvedere Room

The Belvedere Room is a small but special room on the 3rd floor of Castle Callenberg. It has stunning stained glass windows that overlook the Callenberg Forest below. The vaulted ceiling and elegant light fixture add to the overall ambiance of the room. Located on the 4th floor of Castle Callenberg. Full elevator access.





Castle Church

The jewel of Schloss Callenberg is the romantic 400 year old castle chape. The chapel has light-flooded windows made of colored lead glass and a spectacular dome. Located on the 1st floor of Castle Callenberg. Full elevator access.





Courtyard of Castle Callenberg

The courtyard of Castle Callenberg is an enchanting site and presents a beautiful view of the castle with its charming fountain. Located on the ground floor of Castle Callenberg.





Veste View Terrace

From its hilltop in Callenberg Forest, the Castle has an unrivaled view of Veste Coburg and the surrounding Coburg countryside. The terrace with a “Veste view” is located right next to Callenberg Castle.



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